About NSE


Navigators Studentenvereniging Enschede (NSE) is a christian student association in Enschede. Our members originate from all different denominations. Each Tuesday we have a meeting with our association. Every other week we have a ‘trefavond’ (meeting evening), where all members come together for a meal, listen to a speaker and enjoy a drink. The other week we meet in small groups for dinner and a Bible study. Next to these evenings, we have lots of fun activities (including weekends, galas, parties, birthday of the association) and outreaches.

Unfortunately, all activities of our association are only in Dutch. For students who don’t speak Dutch, we organise a Student Alpha course in the third quartile. During 8 evenings we discuss the Christian faith in a relaxed and open setting. You can find more information here. You can also meet with Dutch students through Dine with the Dutch.

If you want to follow a small group, we would love to hear this. We are currently investigating the enthusiasm and options to start an international Navigators group in Enschede. If there is enough interest we might start an English Bible study group. You could also visit the International Christian Fellowship (ICF).

Please fill in the contact form below if you want to know more, if you want to come by or if you are interested in an international Bible study.

Ontmoeten, spreker en borrel
do 2 apr Pauze Outreach
Gods liefde uitdelen
di 7 apr Kring
In kleinere groepen ontmoeten en leren
do 9 apr Pauze Outreach
Gods liefde uitdelen
do 9 apr PaasOutreach
Christus bekend maken